I’m back

10 more days and officially am 2 years working in Miri as Trainee Engineer. Lots of things happened after the previous post! Lets go back to the future!

Feb 2012 – Got married, spent honeymoon at Krabi, being broke, so no fine dining during honeymoon. Wahahaha

June 2012 – Got my NACE CIP Level 1 certification!

Jan 2013 – Our precious daughter came into this world. =) expect lots of her pictures uploaded here soon

Afiyah Sleeping

Afiyah Sleeping

Feb 2013 – No longer a trainee engineer ^_^



Deepavali Miri

Happy Deepavali to everybody who is celebrating it! Sadly Sarawak is among the 2 state that doesnt have Deepavali on their holiday calender. But my family is here! Actually there’s no plan. After visiting mom’s sister house in Kota Tinggi, on their way back they suddenly said that they can take a week off and wanted to go to Miri. I happened to be at office that time so just fired up the internet explorer, head to airasia website and bought the tickets. CK981MA trial at F23 supposed to start on 26th October but we can plan, and Allah’s the one who decide what will be. Trial is postponed twice! so i can have my family here and spent time with them.
But for the first 4 days i am still working. But to Allah’s will also so it happen to be the HAZOP week, so i can go off early from work! Alhamdulillah praise to Allah.
Day 1 : Tuesday
the family arrived late at night. Picked them up at Miri Airport, then we went straight to Tanjung Lobang for seafood dinner. After the dinner we went straight home and get some rest
Day 2 : Wednesday
Faziana picked me up that morning. Was thinking of taking the day off but there is away day session for half of the day on wednesday. So during lunch hour, my family drop by office and we went to have lunch at muara. Lalapan it is! The original plan is to take them to Canada Hill but after the lunch session, the rain starts falling. So i make some changes and we went to Rong Reng to find souvenir instead. After Zuhur at the city I went back to office to resume working normally, before Faizal sent me home at 5pm. For dinner, we went to SCR at E-mart. Quite late the premise seems empty. Had a nice dinner there though i didnt order anything for myself as im still feeling bloated due to the lalapan menu for lunch
Day 3 : Thursday
My parent sent me to office! They are going to find things at E-mart and they had lunch at CTR. at 4pm, after finishing with the HAZOP meeting, i went straight home and my parent pick me up at office. Went back and i took out my camera and we headed to Luak Beach.

After short photosession, we went to Luak mosque for Maghrib and Yaasin. then we head up to Sajian Warisan for dinner.

Never been here before. But quite a nice place to have dinner. Only prob is the prawn they used is not that fresh.
Day 4 : Friday
My parent sent me to office also today! At 5pm i was supposed to go, but Shell Games 2011 is in the running and I have to replace a participant who’s not showing up on that day. Around 6pm i arrived home. Then we head down to pasar malam at Seberkas. Had grilled fish with satay that night. xD
Day 5 : Saturday
Alas, the day when I am not working. Woke up as usual around 6am, ive planned to go to Hole no 9 for Mee jawa that morning. But upon arriving, the place is full and we headed down to town to SRS for nasi lemak. after the hearty breakfast, we went to Canada Hill.

Spent some time photographing and exploring the museum up there. then we head to rong reng again as my family wanted to buy souvenirs for someone whom they have realized that they forgot to include. hehe. then we went to pasar tamu as my mother wanted to buy salted fish and some tapioca flour. but realized that the price is comparable to E-mart and the one sell there looks much more fresh compared to here. So we went back to E-mart, bought the salted fish before lunch at SCR. then we went home and they started packing things up. Sent my family to airport around 6pm. Stupid airasia with its last minute flight postponed. I shouldve around 3hrs more i can spent outside of the airport should they announced it earlier.
I love my family and now am really missing them ~_~


Am definitely not going to type on wedding itself but the journey towards it, actually first sorry to the unfinished post down below. Actually no one is reading so its ok i guess? lolx. Alhamdulillah praise to Allah, I am now engaged to Nur Afiqah Ayob on 3rd September aka 5th Syawal. Not feeling any pressure or anything else since the ceremony solely is on the other side. We had the engagement ceremony at Hotel Selesa Johor Bahru. Our side brought 7 gifts and her side brought 9 gifts. Ceremony starts around 11am, but im awake as early as 6am. Anxious? nope. Woke up so i can play the new Xbox kinect i bought together with all of my cousin. hehe. We finished playing around 8am, and had a nice breakfast kudos to my mum before going for a shower. Our colour theme is light blue and she was in brown. Why the difference? I seriously dont know. Haha. But whats there to colour, as long as the engagement is running without hiccups. So some of the pictures can be found here~

my family~

my fiancee ❤

the engagement gifts to her~

the engagement rings

I2S + UB00 : Introduction to Upstream Business

Under the order from my previous boss before the short term assignment (STA), I have to complete this UB00 course to prepare myself as graduate to the upstream business. Took the first class available from the list and I didnt regret having it in Brunei! Reason why?
1) Food is nice
2) People there are extremely friendly. I mean all of them.
3) Never been to Brunei before~ hehe
The session starts off with I2S : Introduction to Shell, where participants are introduced to Shell and what the company is and such. Though most of the activities seems like kiddies, the task is quite challenging lolx. And since we were in group rotation for every activities, it creates opportunity for us to get to know more people. It ended up with a dinner with UIA Production Regional Manager and I was the cameraman for that day~ haha
Us lining up for the group photos

Me! wee~
ME! wee~
Alison sharing thoughs with I2S participants

The dinner marks the end of the I2S course. Next day we were going for business simulation trip to temburong
ill update this later as my wireless keyboard runs out of juice already ~_~”

Miri, Sarawak

The airport uses MYY as reference. Been here for my internship with Oil & Gas Management back in 2007, went here again for a holiday break in June last year, now I’m currently in Short Term Assignment here. Not necessarily short since the duration is 4 years. lulz
so what are the highlights after spending 3 months here in Miri?
* Place here is much more of a slower pace setting compare to KL
* Its difficult to go back home and loved ones
* The allowance is nice, though its basically on paper only, it all disappeared when income tax comes into play
* More U-mates here, though i didnt get the chance to mingle with all of them
* I managed to bring JHA7985 here finally! hehe
* Got more sense of ownership when ive been assigned to 2 platforms~
* Brunei – Sushi + Sushi + Nice peeps –> will type more in next blog entry “UB00”

Like my previous entry, this year will be my third year working as engineer. The purpose of this entry is to share with you readers (if any, if not this is kinda personal rant dumping area lolx~) about my first year post-graduation
MAY 08 – Unofficially graduated. Future seems vague. I could feel that I failed the PETRONAS interview. Who the hell speaks in Malay during English interview. Yes sir, I f*cking am! Most of my peers who were interviewed with me got their answers already. But I didnt get any results. This surely makes me have that little hope that I manage to pull that through and landed a job with PETRONAS.
JUNE 08 – Another month pass by, living my life on the account balance from my last scholarship funds
JULY 08 – Got a formal letter from PETRONAS. I just couldnt open it fearing it will not give me good news. My instincts were right, I am not recommended to work with them. The future looks dark. For a whole week I will have empty stares looking at the letter “regretfully informing” me that I am not recommended. Hoping to find tiny bits of error or mistakes should I got them wrong. Boot back the CV’s and started to printing like hell. Im starting to read newspaper (The Star, every Saturday) submitting application through internets and conventional mail, and by conventional it was no ordinary mail. I friggin’ use the POSLAJU per application. All of them were turned down.
AUGUST 08 – August came! Yes I am still unemployed. Money in the bank is running extremely low. Its painful to admit this but I am actually feel very much ashamed myself. Sitting at home doing nothing. Depressing it is. And even worse its the Convocation month. I remembered talking and dreaming about having one fancy ride going to my convocation would be a great one but yeah thanks to the current state im not able to do so. So I have to resort on taking a bus ride from JB to KL, hitch a ride from KL to Perak (thanks bota for this), hitch a ride from Perak to Melaka (thanks ebar for this), and another bus ride from Melaka back to JB. I just wish that I have some extra cash to spare so that I can afford to prepare nice cosy place for my parent to stay during the convocation, but yeah I simply couldnt afford it. All of this depression, is the main cause why im so pissed and blatantly cursing you guys in the blog. huhu. Seeing the joy of my peers who have already start working, I just couldnt help but being jealous.
SEPTEMBER 08 – With some luck I managed to go through several position interview. But I took the job offer from MESB. Why? its simply because its near to home though I earn far less than average pays of my peers.
NOVEMBER 08 – A months passed by in MESB, I still couldnt grasp the idea of being a design engineer for tank. A sentence from my SV strucks me where he questioned if i really knew what im doing. Lolx. Seriously boss I still have no friggin idea. But i took the initiative to find what I like most and before I knew it I was hanging around with the QC guys and learnt how they do work, reports and such
DECEMBER 08 – Came to a breaking point. I dont know why Ive signed up for this. Called up my FYP SV. He have a standing offer for me to continue with MSc studies. Did a little research while working. Prepared my proposal and my SV likes it. But its still up to the Uni if I could get the scholar or not though my SV assured that he can pull his strings in order to get that
JANUARY 09 – Retired from MESB. Still waiting for offer from UTP for the MSc. But got offer from UMW. Went for the later one since to be honest, I cheated in my Degree thesis, no way I’m gonna build a strong research on top of that as it might crumble easily. The offer for MSc finally materialize after 2 weeks joining UMW. but damage is done, I just couldnt see reason why I wanna resign and take that offer
FEBRUARY 09 – Got option to change my career path. Given the option to quit production and be with either QC and Procurement. I took procurement. Reason? Because I heard this path can get me to different parts of the world. Yeah the previous talk about getting to know the economics before technical is pure BS.
MARCH 09 – Started to get bored with the work. This might sounds like Im not thankful enough but supports is lesser than what ive needed. Ive beginning to question myself why the f*ck i didnt sign up with the MSc thingy.
APRIL 09 – Office politics sucks. I didnt know which side to get into as all of the parties seems right. People are talking in “B” and “C” while all of them means “A”.
MAY 09 – Ive already graduated for a year. Forgot about what have I learnt during degree, and didnt have much different in knowledge in working field. #FML i would say? lolx

P/s : Sorry for lots of the F words, I actually shed tears when I write this. Remembering how was it then before…. and yerp this is not a sympathy-gaining-motived entry, but more to saying that somewhere around the globe, there will be someone who are less fortunate than you. Just find something you can love out of every situation, and grasp it by that. Keep ur head with positive thinking, knowing God is always keep it that way for a reason, a good reason.

Compatibility : Pervert Engineer + Innocent Doctor

Why a pervert engineer is perfect for an innocent doctor, I’ll break down the details in numbers

1 – though doctor is precise with timing, engineer will be more consistent
one can argue which clock is the most correct and i believe each clock have accuracy of worse than plus minus 5 seconds. TV3 clock for reference? no cant do baby. since some of us tend to wind up their clock 5 mins early just to make sure they were 5 mins early for everything, or provide some allowance for them to be a little late. an engineer could be consistently reminding a doctor on tasks that she kept on delaying for whatever reason. hehe

2 – free consultation says you
one of benefit working as an engineer is the complete cover of medical fees + insurance by the company he is working with. we knew that exhausted from work doctors giving consultation outside from their working hours would be at lesser priority. but perhaps the consultation should first be obediently followed by oneself first before giving it to others. hehe. so please take your flu med ya!

3 – they knew human biology on the back of their own hand
yerp for this kudos to you the innocent doctor. us engineers couldnt help but download essential apps to our iPhones for all this xD

4 – attitude
doctors is more approachable compared to engineer. us seems to be intimidated by others but doctors effortlessly can become the party starters. and that’s one of many reason why I am attracted to you

5 – strong
with a strong and independent characters, nature work of an engineer would put an innocent doctor being miles separated from each other. a strong doctor can easily adapt to this and I appreciate that 😉

6 – appearance
so you said that doctor dont have time to appear beautiful and nice. but seriously you are beautiful, just as you are. all those make-ups doesnt count. what matter most is whats inside ^_^

Meet Athirah

This week is supposed to be the get to know session with this little diva. But unfortunately she is still scared at me. my iPhone couldnt do any charm since she got her own iPhone 4 already lulz.
She’s cute, charming and photogenic i would say. If only she could be more friendlier to me. Huhu. Most of her picture here was either taken by Miss Right or myself with 135mm worth of zoom. x_X”

hope to see you again, and wish you could interact with me more 😉

2011 resolution

ive never had one and being a pretentious snob, id say my resolution is to go to the free gym as often as i could in 2011. and 10th of january marks the first one. what ive did there? pretty much strolling only lol. amazingly i didnt even sweat. ~_~”
result? : 3 days of excruciating muscle joint paint. pretty much at the biceps.
its january and housemate decided to set up internet account and yeay to that ive no longer need to tether internet from my iphone. less burden, faster speed, download at max?
its been a while since i last spam fill this blog with pictures, havent got time to snap new pictures btw. huhu
klcc from the garden

klcc at night

i have a confession to make. i miss the person below alot!.
i ❤ you! sorry if im being too egoistic lately. fact is i miss you alot. ^_^

A step forward

its been awhile since i try this. huhu

Ideas became words,
words became sentences,
sentences became conversation,
conversation done via telephone,
now it became a decision,
whether its a Yes or No,
my feelings for you is real.

a stroll down 2010 memory lane

Wrapping up 2010 as its almost Christmas now and that means there’s only like a week left to 2011.
Among few highlights for this year

Status change
I must congratulate some of my closest friends, whom were single to every status man can achieve of. List of without any preference
Intan Suria (megikari) – married : im deeply sorry couldnt attend your reception but i guess i have to wait for your guys housewarming instead?
Norazman Shah – married : alas this person is married. haha wishing you all the best!
Achah & Hafiz – married : also sorry both of the reception clashed with other invitation. Couldnt split my body into two separate location
Aisyah – married : congratulations. i wish i could attend the tawau’s reception huhu. will try if i can make it to dewan tnb.
Ezri Ezani (bote) – married : congratulations for fulfilling #rambang first to get married expectation. now who’s next rambangers? lol
Azlan – engaged : havent gave you copy from syed’s camera yet huhu
Halifi – engaged : sorry couldnt attend the event tomorrow. wishing you all the best bro
all this engagement and wedding makes me yearn for my own hurururum

Career path
On February, i was attached for a 3 month Perwaja Shutdown project in Kemaman. got to know the friendly staff there and they do certainly makes myself feel at home huhu. Switch role from procurement eng to qc exec, my stay there is extended or so say permanently relocated lol. During raya puasa, i went for SRD and got through on October. After a month notice, i joined Shell on november. a great team with good leader and supportive colleague i am glad to have become part of the team.

and personally, this weekend, she will decide if there is future to our relationship and a major life decisive point 🙂
wish me luck and happy new year peeps!